About the Artist

Adrian Stupica is an artist and the creator of the Since'86 art movement.  Stupica is a Cleveland native and graduate of The Ohio State University, but lived in New York City for over five years. There, he painted multiple public murals within Manhattan and collaborated with notable clients such as Ty Hunter, Angel Cherry, and many others.  His experience in New York City inspired him to return to the Cleveland area to contribute to the city's recent renaissance and redevelopment with plans to implement more public art initiatives in the city.  

In addition to painting murals and canvas, Stupica created the Since'86 movement.  After realizing that traditional art is only seen by those who visit its location, Stupica wanted to create a way to "make art move" by painting on objects that are mobile. He was inspired to paint on apparel like t-shirts and hats, and found that his art became more visible by using people as the vehicle to share his artistic expressions. This is how the Since'86 movement was created.  Stupica's art continues to be taken off the walls and brought to life by the people who adorn his creations and support the movement. #MakeArtMove

*To best preserve artwork on Since'86 apparel, please wash cold and dry on low heat